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    CHENGDU YUEKANG S&T CO.,LTD. is engaged in the manufacture and the marketing of series of Amino Acids Derivatives、but also in the syntheses of peptides, esp. some biological signaling peptides, for scientific use. The company possesses a laboratory center for professional chemical synthesis、analysis and bioassay, with equipments of the manual peptide synthesizer、analytic and preparative HPLC、evaporator、lyophilizer、CO2 incubator、Sterile workbench and so on. Standard Of Procedures(SOP)is adopted in the manual peptide synthesis and purification; On-line Quality Assurance(QA)and Quality Control(QC)are introduced in the manufacture. Thus, we can provide high-quality and low-cost peptides。and a set of cell culture devices and skillful employee are guarantee to the biological activity of these peptides. Furthermore, we also specialize in the synthesis of complexed peptides including long sequences、branched-chain or modification with Biontin、FITC、or phosphorylation. Recently, we has added investment in our scientific research including invitation of senior scientistor, and finally we have successfully developed our unique series of signaling peptides.
    Meanwhile, we can provide the optimized manufactory procedure for gram-to-kilogram peptide synthesis, and we can also provide consultation and service some special biochemistry technology.
    We have made a long-term cooperation with many inland enterprises, and during the trade with them we are able to be familiar with the developing trends in this field.
    We have our own ex-imp license and we have reliable marketing channels in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and some other areas. The long-term cooperation with foreign customers enables us to have profound understanding of the market.
    As a modern enterprise, we have an integrated system of research, manufacturing, marketing and service. When you work with us, you will be able to experience Zhongfu’s spirit of Professional, Integrity, and Sincerity.